How it works

Our ticketing system makes it easy to create an event and manage attendees

Create event

Create your event and add the event items that attendees can sign up for.

Configuration of the signup form includes uploading your own logo and options such as early bird discounts, member discounts and restricting items based on availability.

You can also add merchandise to sell and capture any number of additional fields.

Attendee sign-up

Attendees sign up by selecting from the available items after which a summary of selections is presented with a breakdown of costs (if applicable).

Attendees then complete the registration form and select their preferred payment method.

Secure payment

Our standard payment methods include secure credit card payment processing, SID instant EFT and manual transfers. The electronic payment options automates the entire registration and payment workflow with absolutely no admin required.

You may accept manual transfers into your own bank account and we transfer the balance of accumulated electronic funds at the end of the event.

Invoice & Ticket

After signing up, attendees receive a confirmation email with an invoice.

If full payment is confirmed, attendees are marked as ‘paid-up’ and also receive their tickets which can be printed or saved.

Provision is made to customise invoices and for adding VAT.


Organisers get an access controlled back-office with advanced attendee management features.

You can search and filter on specific attendees or selections and manage registrations, payments, refunds, and cancellations.

Other features include exports in various formats and bulk communication.


Various reports are available for sales, tickets, payment, attendee contacts, accompanying persons, information for name badges, etc.

You are also presented with a real-time transaction breakdown with a detailed summary of all charges and transfers.

All the information can be exported for further processing in a spreadsheet application if required.

Event setup and configuration

You have the option of adding your event yourself with no setup fee.

Alternatively, just email everything to us so that we can do it for you! Contact us for a quote.

Payment processing

We only charge a small fee on the processing of registration and payment. Click here for pricing.

You have the option of accepting manual transfers into your own bank account. The balance of electronic payments minus any commissions, are transferred to your account within one week after your event.