We automate the tasks associated with online registration and management

Easy setup

With our ticketing system it is easy to create multi-page online registration forms with flexible pricing. Configuration of the registration form includes uploading your own logo and options such as early bird discounts, member discounts and restricting items based on availability. You may add any additional fields to capture or add items such as social events, accommodation and transport options.

Our ticketing software also makes provision for group registrations. Create a quote based on all the attendees added to your group and issue an invoice for payment.

Click here for an example.

Multiple payment options

It is more likely for your attendees to commit with the convenience and speed of secure online payment processing. Our electronic payment methods include secure credit card payment processing, SID instant EFT and manual transfers.

The electronic payment options automates the entire registration and payment work-flow with absolutely no admin required.

You still have the option of accepting manual transfers into your own bank account.

Management & Reporting

Organisers get an access controlled back-office with advanced attendee management features. You can search and filter on specific attendees or selections and manage registrations, payments, refunds, and cancellations.

Various reports are available for sales, tickets, payment, attendee contacts, accompanying persons, information for name badges, etc. You are also presented with a real-time transaction breakdown with a detailed summary of all charges and transfers.

All the information can be exported for further processing in a spreadsheet application if required.

Tax Invoices & Receipts

The entire registration and payment process is automated. After signing up, attendees receive a confirmation email with an invoice and request for payment (if applicable). If full payment is confirmed, attendees are marked as ‘paid-up’ and receive a confirmation in the form of a receipt or ticket which can be saved of printed.

Provision is made for you to customize invoices and if you are VAT registered, VAT can be added to issued invoices. The payment confirmations or tickets also includes a QR code to automate check-in at your event.

Other features include

Member discount

You may configure your event to require specific attendees to enter a member or voucher code in order to qualify for a discount.

Multiple currencies

We process electronic payments in South African Rand but we can sell tickets in other currencies by performing a currency conversion using the day's conversion rate.

Group registration

Group registration can be activated for your event, which enables organisations to add any number of attendees and then pay in a single go.

On site check-in app

You may manage check-ins or control access at any of your sessions by simpling scanning a QR code. The app can be used offline and you may scan using any scanner connected to your device.

Export full database

If required, the entire database of attendees may be exported for further processing in a spreadsheet application. This could be useful for mail merges of generating your own name badges.

Automated communication

Attendees receive confirmation emails at every stage in the signup process. You may send bulk emails to subsets of attendees by filtering on specific selection criteria.